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Outside the box skills training

Pattern recognition puzzles are not just a pastime but a scientifically proven tool to train the job skills that truly make a difference.
We have gamified skills assessment and training.
Bemensa makes skills training fun!

Carol Constant – Founder

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Our games are effective and fun!

Improve key skills like:

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Reasoning skills

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Problem solving skills

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Learning skills

Improve your brain fitness

Play fun games for just 10 minutes a day and feel the difference!

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Good memory skills can help you to become more efficient in your work and personal life.

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Improved focus leads to better decision-making skills, being able to analyze information more effectively.

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Problem solving

Better problem-solving skills will boost creativity and innovation, allowing you to find creative solutions to complex issues.

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Critical thinking

Stronger critical thinking allows you to analyze information, based on evidence and logical reasoning.

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Thinking speed

Greater thinking speed will enhance your mental agility, being able to react quickly.

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Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box means coming up with new ideas; improving your chances of success.

pattern puzzle 2x2
choice for puzzle showing 4 lines


choice for puzzle showing 3 lines


choice for puzzle showing 4 lines


choice for puzzle showing no lines


Try it!

Can you solve this puzzle?

Option D is correct! Why?

This a pattern recognition puzzle. We need to find what the pattern is and apply it to find the correct answer.

Looking at the top row we notice that moving from left to right, the dark square moves from the bottom right corner to the top left. The lines seem to remain the same.

If we apply this pattern to the bottom row the only option possible is D. Given the position of the lines, no other explanation fits the options given. 

choice for puzzle showing no lines


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