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Brain fitness

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Brain Fitness

Exercise what matters the most: your brain!

Memory, thinking speed, problem-solving… Bemensa games target the skills that make a difference in your brain fitness.

Fluid reasoning is our ability to learn and solve problems.

It starts declining in our late twenties and has dropped to a half by the time we retire. This is why the older we get, the most difficult it is to learn a new language, use new technologies, etc…

The good news is: research shows that training is highly effective.

Make the most of your brain training! We give you reports with personalized insights for you to monitor your progress and optimize your brain fitness. Feel mentally sharp and focused

Try it! our games are effective and fun!

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Ready to improve?  Start working on your brain fitness today!

Bemensa app is a fun way to exercise your brain. Boost your productivity and confidence!

You will find short video lessons, fun games, and tests. Get personalized weekly reports to track your progress and train the skills that will make a difference.

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Our app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

About Us

Bemensa gives HR a platform for staff skills assessment and training, key for implementing leadership programs. Psychometric testing is already used to recruit staff. Bemensa is taking it a step further.

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