Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests

Psychometric tests are aptitude tests assessing job skills.

80% of organizations with more than 100 employees use aptitude tests for recruitment.

KPMG, P&G, E&Y, and Deloitte, to name a few, because aptitude tests are considered the best future job performance indicator.

Aptitude tests measure key job skills needed in the current work environment, especially in corporate. 

Most aptitude tests are a mix of numerical, verbal, and pattern recognition questions. At school, we all learn numbers and words but not pattern recognition. This is the most challenging part of the test.

We deliver workshops for universities and business schools preparing students for these selective tests; giving them an effective competitive advantage. 

Udemy is the world’s largest learning platform. Our Udemy course is the highest-rated in its category since it was published.

Try it!

Can you solve this puzzle?

pattern puzzle 2x2
choice for puzzle showing 4 lines


choice for puzzle showing 3 lines


choice for puzzle showing 4 lines


choice for puzzle showing no lines


Option D is correct! Why?

This a pattern recognition puzzle. We need to find what the pattern is and apply it to find the correct answer.

Looking at the top row we notice that moving from left to right, the dark square moves from the bottom right corner to the top left. The lines seem to remain the same.

If we apply this pattern to the bottom row the only option possible is D. Given the position of the lines, no other explanation fits the options given. 

choice for puzzle showing no lines


Smartphone shows gamified skills training - Bemensa

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