Mobile app developer (low code)

Job offer

Mobile App Developer (low code)

Job type: Part-time, hybrid (2 days in the office, rest can be home office, at least 20 hours a week) 

Experience: Junior/Mid-level 

Company size: 5 people 

Location: Prague 

Job description:

Our team at WhomLab is looking to fill a vacant position for a low-code mobile app developer. We are working to bring a platform to market that enables companies and individuals to improve various job-related skills, such as stress resistance, while simultaneously enhancing their fluid reasoning. We are seeking collaborative and diligent individuals who are interested in topics such as self-improvement and job skills training.

What you will do:
You will collaborate with a team of testers, developers, and professionals in fluid reasoning training to deliver a mobile application that will be used by both companies and individual users to train their job skills. You will be developing the app using a low-code solution, which means you can focus on adding new features and only write code (Flutter, Node.js TypeScript) if a specific feature requires it. Who we are looking for: We are seeking someone who is willing to help us complete the mobile application, ready for its first pilot customers, process their feedback, and continuously improve the product. You should be a diligent person who strives for perfection in every feature, ensuring that the end customer loves the product. This job is suitable for people who can write code but prefer to focus more on designing the product and features, writing code only when absolutely necessary. The mobile app is developed using Flutterflow (a low-code tool that utilizes Flutter where necessary), and the backend uses Firebase (a BaaS solution using Node.js where necessary). This job is also suitable for students as Flutterflow is easy to work with and only requires basic programming knowledge in any language.

Good-to-have qualifications:

  • Experience with mobile app development (React Native, Flutter, Swift, etc.).
  • Experience with client-server apps (REST/GraphQL/any BaaS).
  • Experience with Firebase.
  • Experience with data analysis.

Who we are:

WhomLab is passionate about job skills training. Our mission is to empower people to constantly improve their job skills, from fluid reasoning to confidence and decision making.

What is it like to work on the WhomLab project?

We strive to create a comfortable work environment for everyone. We are flexible with working hours and allow for remote work as long as the tasks are completed. We aim to meet in person at least twice a week to address any potential communication issues. We are always happy to help less-experienced colleagues hone their skills and continuously improve.

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